For Recruiters

Nurtureit gives consultants more time to recruit

This simple productivity tool helps to organise and prioritise leads, jobs and placements

Pure Simplicity

Everything in One Place

Organise all of your leads, jobs and placements in 3 handy tabs.

Incredibly Easy to Use

Fast and simple data entry that doesn’t detract from billing time.

Simply click and drag to update opportunities.

Powerful Features

Easy Prioritisation

Prioritise jobs by their stage in the process and the quality of opportunity.

Set the probability sliders for each job and focus on those that will convert.

Spend more time billing.

Efficient Reporting

See your whole pipeline and forecast on one dashboard for fast and effective reporting.

Timely Warnings

Keep each stage of the process moving with friendly nudges and inactivity notices.

Minimise Dropouts

Placements and rebates are on one tab for you to monitor.

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  • Everything will be organised in one place
  • You can prioritise your efforts more easily
  • Nothing will slip through the cracks
  • You'll have great reporting
  • You'll free up time
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It keeps me on task and helps me focus on following the money
I never thought I would ditch my white board for software, but I have !
a no brainer of an alternative to the spreadsheets on which we so often rely