For Recruiting Leaders

Nurtureit helps you to manage team performance

Easy access to any team member's pipeline lets you target your coaching

Powerful reporting helps you to guide your team

Complete Visiblity

Better information leads to more productive meetings and better, more targeted coaching.

It takes just two clicks to view any team member's pipeline.

This gives you a simple and clear view of your team’s performance - without the excuses.

Job rating sliders let you help your team to prioritise time and effort so that they stay close to the money.

Whether you're in the same office, or in different countries, Nurtureit lets you assess the shape of each pipeline, and see where action needs to be taken.

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Powerful Reporting

The manager's dashboard gives you powerful insights on a team-by-team basis.

You can assess the overall shape of your team's pipeline so that you can anticipate and avoid problems.

See opportunities, billing forecast, team activity and more...

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